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  1. Fesothe

    Hello there

    Welcome to furry raiders
  2. Fesothe


    Welcome to furry raiders
  3. Fesothe


    Welcome to furry raiders
  4. Fesothe


    Welcome to furry raiders
  5. Fesothe


    Hello Kalithe
  6. Fesothe

    Hi. I'm Lenny.

    Hello Lenny
  7. Fesothe

    Working on a 1 on 1 Podcast for Youtube

    Dogpatch has a lot to answer for.
  8. Fesothe


  9. Fesothe


    Welcome, do you use discord?
  10. Fesothe


    Noticed by Senpai. :giggle:
  11. Fesothe


    Welcome again.
  12. Fesothe

    Fox N Forests - An Upcoming Furry Game

    Looks good.
  13. Fesothe

    Hello all

    Hiya, Thank you, D&B :)
  14. Fesothe

    Hello all

    Thank you, I've joined discord.
  15. Fesothe

    Hello all

    Hello all, my name is Jonathan, I go by Fesothe or Fustachio on most sites. I've not had chance to talk to any Furry Raiders prior to joining your group in Second Life and on Steam but I hope to when convenient to other furs availability. I mostly spend my time either listing to Nightcore, D&B...