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    Howdy Thar

    Hello :) Welcome!
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    Nooooooo come back

    Nooooooo come back
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    Is their a telegram or discord for the Furry Raiders?

    Maybe this is a good time for me to ask as well @starfoxACEFOX can I have access as well please?
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    Welcome to furry raiders.
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    Is their a telegram or discord for the Furry Raiders?

    There is a telegram if you search on telegram for furry raiders the info on how to join the real one is pinned. I believe you just have to talk to an admin to get a link. I have not done this yet. Or it might be that its unlocked some how I don't fully know. The website has a chat feature or did...
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    The Pone Is Here

    Welcome RangerPoneh!
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    Yo my bro's

    Welcome SimWolf.
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    FA TOS Update

    I'm Bi if that helps.. hehe
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    FA TOS Update

    It's vague-ish, and Antifa got a pass to abuse others?
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    FA TOS Update

    Fur Affinity updated their TOS and banned me, it now states If you identify as or promote Alt-Right ideologies (e.g. Alt-Furry and Furry Raiders) on Fur Affinity, you may be permanently banned. I didn't do that but whatever, check your accounts.
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    Welcome to Furry Raiders!
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    Hello there

    Welcome to furry raiders
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    Welcome to furry raiders
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    Welcome to furry raiders
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    Welcome to furry raiders
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    Hello Kalithe
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    Hi. I'm Lenny.

    Hello Lenny
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    Working on a 1 on 1 Podcast for Youtube

    Dogpatch has a lot to answer for.
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