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Raiders Rambles Episode 22 - Masks Make the Furry
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The latest episode of the Furry Raiders podcast has gone live.

  • A slew of recently produced buttons with (mostly) innocuous slogans, such as "Make Furry Great Again" causes salt to flow
  • Lando's Furrydelphia 2018 experience and story time
  • Midwest Furfest bans the sale of fanart, following the lead from other conventions. What are the implications?
  • Furry News Roundup - Why fursuits for mascots are the way to go
  • Doom Eternal triggers by declaring demons as mortally challenged and other jokes

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Raiders Rambles Ep 21 - You Must Be This Rich
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Originally aired July 3, 2018

In this episode, we introduce our official co-host going forward into the show.

Topics of Discussion:
  • Harbour City Fur Con news and wrapup, a convention run by and for the chairman
  • Thurston Press calls on writers to publish stories to virtue signal their hatred for "Nazi Furs"
  • 3D Printing gun blueprints heats up as we all want the assault straws to fly
  • Disney buys Fox for $71.3 billion USD
  • Jolt
  • Aeveirra
  • Red Kabuki
  • Vindictiive

Watch the episode here:

As always, feel free to leave your feedback, suggestions and so forth!
Raiders Rambles Ep 20 - Remake All The Things
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In this episode, we call in a scheduled host late into the show due to technical hiccups

Topics of Discussion:
  • Furaffinity/IMVU Lawsuit progress, and how would we run FA
  • Remaking shows like Buffy turns sour for black people, among other things
  • GOG lands in hot water as we discuss PS1 classics

  • Jolt
  • Aeveirra
  • Anubistan
  • Misfit Patchwork
  • Icekitsune777
You can watch it here:

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Raiders Rambles Episode 19 - Hot For Zabivaka
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This episode was aired on July 20, 2018, 7PM US Eastern Time

Topics of Discussion:
-The Anthrocon 2018 Experience, as recounted by Aeveirra Nova
-Furries who have the hots for Zabivaka, why even was this article made?
-Pokemon bans an episode for showing Blackface
-Why not to promote socialism in the fandom, especially for the flimsiest reasons

-Red Kabuki
-Aeveirra Nova
-Donald / Stale

Watch the video here:

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Raiders Rambles Ep 9 - Two Cons Side by Side
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The latest episode of the Furry Raiders podcast has gone live for your watching! With better logistics, hopefully there won't be any great downtime periods before the episodes go public.

This time, two conventions happened on the same weekend - Motor City Fur Con and Furry Weekend Atlanta. With our members having a presence there, we touch base to recount their experience at the convention as well as cover any keynote events, especially at FWA due to the high social media postings of controversial events.

On the news cycle, we look at the Bully Hunters campaign, started off a case of teabagging in an online video game. Aimed at limiting cyber bullying online, the final outcome of the campaign did not deliver on its promises by any measure.

Hosts include myself, Nio, Lando, Gimpy, Aeon and Mizu

As always, leave your comments, feedback, suggestions here

Watch the video here:
Raiders Rambles Ep 6 - Mob Mentality and Anthro WOW
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Episode 6 of the Furry Raiders Podcast is up and ready for public viewing! This time, hosted by Nio, Orion, Lando and Elrock, minus me at the helm.

Topics for the show include:
-The death of RC The Fox and the mob mentality surrounding the buildup to the event, as well as the fandom.
-World of Warcraft is set to introduce a fennec-like species into the Horde lineup, giving their players a furry fix. As if WOW needed more furry appeal...
-The closure of Toys R Us and what that means, as that shop had sentimental value for a fair number of us.

And lots and lots of random rambles, per our show's namesake! Don't forget to leave us your thoughts, suggestions and feedback for this episode and going forward!

You can watch it here:
Raiders Rambles Ep 5 - Mishaps and Discord
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Despite a sudden Discord ban and a few internet hiccups on my end, the Furry Raiders pushed on and recorded another episode of the podcast!

Topics include:
-The Anthro New England 2018 experience and hotel complaints
-Furries and Social Media
-Other conventions in danger

You can watch it here:

Again, feel free to post feedback, suggestions and all else here on this thread.
Raiders Rambles Episode 4 - Blood Sports
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After a long delay, Episode 4 of the Furry Raiders has been released for your viewing pleasure! Originally aired on Feb 19 2018, this was our first attempt at a live show and despite some rough timing issues, we still pulled it off. The cast features myself, the return of Nio Draggo and Abram Volkov, plus first timers Rebel Lucy and Soma Arikado.

Topics of discussion include:
1 - Texas Furry Fiesta experience and cringe in the con space
2 - Which TV Shows would work as a furry version?
3 - Trouble in the Comic Book community.
4 - Internet Bloodsports and bringing it to furry, maybe?

As always, leave your feedback, suggestions and ideas on this thread. You can watch the episode here:
Raiders Rambles - No to Political Correctness
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The next installment of the Furry Raiders Podcast is up! Featuring myself and a cast of first-time hosts including Tenacious, Abram Volkov, Behawolf and Flare. You can listen to it here:

As always, feel free to leave feedback, ask questions and discuss the topics we touch on.
Raiders Rambles - Raiders of the Lost Arf (Feat. Rags)
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The latest episode of the Raiders' Podcast is up and ready to be watched!