Frequently Asked Questions

What is the group's goal and mission?

The Furry Raider's mission is to help build a stronger and better community while encouraging personal creativity and expression. For more information please check the About page.

Why does the group have questionable imagery?

Our white and black paw is based off of an in-game armband item that was discovered by us on Second Life in 2007. At the time we distributed this item to group members as a membership token. Today we pay homage to this with real-life armbands of many different colors matching this design.

Do we have a political agenda or stance?

Many of our group members have a personal interest in politics and the political positions that our members have vary widely. Our group itself is of no political persuasion, but we do believe in free expression and diversity of thought.

Are the Furry Raiders a hate group?

No. Our group is centered on the idea of tolerance, thought diversity and peaceful co-existence with one-another.

Do the Furry Raiders have association with National Socialism?

We have no affiliation with any specific beliefs other than those stated above. We have members of many different races, genders, and ideologies. We will tolerate adherants of any beliefs so long as we believe that they are acting in a respectful manner towards their fellow members.

What kinds of activities do the Furry Raiders engage in?

We organize activities that make the fandom more accessible to other furries. Since the main objective of the group is to promote inclusiveness and creativity, it may be anticipated that future group activities will involve developing resources that will assist with creativity (which will be available to all furs), as well as furry gatherings with a generally inclusive and creatively encouraging atmosphere.