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The True Effect Caused by “Social Justice Warrior” Bullying
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Written by: Scorch from United States - Raiders Chief Furry Development Officer
It has come to my attention there is still a lot of disinformation regarding the true Effect that caused the destruction of the good vessel “RMFC” therefore; I bring to your attention a true fact that many are not aware of. This fact is the result of a specific Cause and the Effects of it which dramatically Effected the course of or derailed the lives of many furs including myself and numerous friends.

This fact (a $44,000 security expense) is the Actual Effect of commercial damages caused by “Social Justice Warriors” (SJW) when one group of furs did wage a war of written words against another group of furs within their own fandom. This $44,000.00 Effect was Caused by the ACTS of one group of people (furs) attempting to bully and control another group of their own people (furs) by way of their Acts of writing or forwarding many statements that created a...
The Real Truth of Diversity in Raiders
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Written by: Bochi Coyote from Honduras - Raiders Chief Diversity Officer

I honestly love how I got grouped with the whole #AltFurry movement simply because I speak the truth about the third world shithole where I was born and raised. What? Are any of you privileged assholes going to tell me Latin America is actually some sort of holy land? You all live in literally one of the best countries in the whole world and you still find reasons to whine and groan. A fuck ton of people out there would give anything to get the chance of living in such a great country. If you abhor America so much, why don’t we exchange places? You can come down to one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the whole continent while I have the time of my life in America. You’ll get to know how it actually feels to fear for your life everyday. Imagine going to bed every night and worry someone might break into your house and murder your whole family...