About Us

The Furry Raiders project was established in 2007 on Second Life by a small group of furries. Our goals were (and are) to help build a stronger and better community while encouraging personal creativity and expression. We believed that the best way to do this was through achieving equality for all furries.

We stand with furs who believe in freely expressing thoughts and creativity; we believe in being inclusive of as wide a range of furries as possible. It takes all kinds of different people to build a robust community and as such we will be tolerant of any fur's interests and beliefs (so long as no laws are being broken).

The Raiders do not believe furries should try to control others in any respect (unless that fur is attempting to break the law). We wish to encourage a enjoyable and creative space, and want to be of service to the furry community in any practical way that should present itself.

The Furry Raiders team continues to look for ways to expand equality and diversity of thought and expression within the furry fandom, which we believe to be the foundation of this community. As we continue down this path of discovery, we will always challenge obstacles to these goals head-on to help build a stronger and better community.